Most people take Sundays to visit their home of worship and spend the day relaxing. Some of these people enjoy faithfully visiting their favorite sports bars every Sunday and calling it church…Amen! Even fewer people in this group love to visit more than one favorite sports bar because they just cannot decide between all the good ones.

What are some of the best sports bars around the U.S. that these men and women call home? We went through some of the most loved game day destinations that did not include Buffalo Wild Wings (because we already know how awesome they are) and we chose five to tell brag to you about.

1.ESPN Zone located in Anaheim, CA in Downtown Disney

Disneyland’s ESPN Zone is the first and by far the funnest sports bar to visit. There are two floors of food, fun, and sports. On the first floor, there is the full sports bar and restaurant lined with tv’s for your gaming enjoyment. Upstairs has a full arcade so you can send the little ones to play while you are kicking back and relaxing with a beer in hand. How many other sports bars are around that can be considered family friendly with children allowed? There are very few and with in those few are fewer great ones.

2. Bobby V’s Restaurant & Sports Bar located in Windsor Locks, CT

When you walk into this place you instantly become a kid in a candy shop, except instead of seeing candy you get see every game available on that day. The walls of this sports bar is lined up with televisions of all sizes for your viewing of any game you choose to watch.

3. Bourbon Pub located in Santa Clara, CA

This huge party place is the perfect setting to get away for the game. There is plenty of room to sit around the center bar island and there are televisions lined up all around the restaurant. Don’t forget to try their famous nachos.

4. Houndstooth Pub located in New York, NY

This pub is elegantly designed to have a beautiful upscale style that almost reminds one of the early 1900’s. Located in the east coast of the United States, the Houndstooth takes pride in the glorious style of its history while bringing you a fun and enjoyable game day. The walls are not lined with televisions like the other mentioned so far but there is a tv in sight from every table.

5. Katy Trail Ice House located in Dallas, TX

We all know that Texas does things big, and so far this sports bar is by far the biggest. This is a huge beer garden that tends to be loved by people near and far. This bar is so busy, in fact, that they have a huge outside area because the bar inside is always packed. Enjoy some yummy venison chill, burgers, and tacos while your hanging out watching your favorite team.

We know there are so many other amazing sports bars and pubs that are just as good as some of these and maybe even some hidden diamonds in the roughs, but these five bars are the top recommended.